AWS Certified Welding Fabricator in Houston
Offshore Solutions and Fabrication 281-469-0040
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On-staff Welding Engineer

· Utilize over 300 welding procedures qualified to a variety of codes and customer specifications, including:
o ASME Sect IX
o API 1104, 16A, 6A
o AWS D1.1

· Materials include but not limited to:
o ASME P 1 type
o API 5L X-65
o X-80
o 4130
o 8630
o F-22
o Duplex and Super Duplex

· Cladding capabilities:
Qualified to clad with Inconel, stainless and Haynes Ultimet on ASME P1 type, F-22, 4130, 8630
ARC-05PL Cladding capabilities

·Products We Weld Include:

Accumulator Mounting Bracket Adaptor – Tubing Hanger Handling Alum Basket
Beams BOP BOP & Support Framing Assembly
Bracket Mounting F/Tree Frame Brake Cooling Skid Manifold
Drilling Risers Tubular F/Fab Weldment Operation Valves Flowline Hubs
Frame Base Plate Frame Weldment Reel ILS
Load Ring Assembly Table Lower Tree Frame Weldement Mad Dog Gin Pole
Manifold Platform Walkways PLEMs
PLETs Pressure Cap Weldment Pull Head
Reeler and Reeler Base Walkovers Riser Frames
Riser Support Rings Riser Tensioner Support ROV Panel Weldment EXHT
Sliding Crane Platform Subsea Termination Box Tree Skid
Test Stand Weldment Test Stump Weldment Trash Cap

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